Forever is a sweet lie.


What is Forever anyway?

A bunch of letters created to form a word.

A promise of eternity, infinity and beyond.

Some say forever is not letting go of each other,

No matter how hard, no matter how painful, no matter what.

He told me, I was his forever.

He said Forever was what he was after.


We will always be together

And we will have our Happily Ever After.

Forever is a lie.

A bitter sweet lie.






nagsugod ang tanan

sa adlaw nga akong friend request imong gi atiman

chat ug floodlikes gibuhat nako dayun

para imong pansinon


aguy ug naunsa ba nga nitubay man ka

sa mga chat nako, nagka text-text pa ta!

dong, akong gibati grabe na

pero ako rang gipungngan kay kahibalo ko, ako masakitan ra


milabay nga murag bulan ug tuig ang mga adlaw

ug ang atong flirt-a-thon wala na gyuy makalabaw

at first, abi nako ug okay ra, joke ra ang tanan

wa ko namatikdan, nahulog na man diay kog taman


usa ka buntag, ako nakamata

nakamata ko sa kamatooran

nga kining tanan wala ra gyuy padulngan

nga ako niASA ra gyud ug hilabihan


dong, tanan akong gi-agwanta

kay ingun ka “just enjoy kung unsay naa ta

pero ning kota na gyud ko sa akong pag ASA

akong assuming level 999999999 na.

Pamilacan: Bohol’s Secret Treasure

One thing that I really love about my job and my company is the opportunity to travel as well as do community service at the same time. Before 2016 ended, I had the chance to travel back to Bohol, this time, it was for the company’s outreach program and it was an awesome experience. Not only did we enjoy what Bohol has to offer we also shared the Christmas vibes to the children of Pamilacan Island. You can check out our outreach program on this blog.

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H.O.I.T. Goes to Pamilacan Island

I know I have a lot of catching up to do, so I’m gonna publish the drafts I have stored here that were not published. So, here we go.


Ahh Christmas. The time of the year. People say Christmas is for the children, and the children at heart. Last Christmas, I was happy to be part of the team to travel to Pamilacan Island Bohol, to spend a day with the children and have fun. Sure, it was tiring knowing that we just had our company year end party the night before we travelled to Bohol but it was all worth it.

Being part of the CSR team of House of I.T has given me a lot of opportunities to be with children, conduct art workshops, give gifts and travel to different places. In fact, some of the travels I had in 2016 was because of the CSR efforts of the company.

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From Trash to Fashion Part I

It’s the busiest time of the year!

The reason why I haven’t been blogging lately is because of the coming holidays and the many events and preparations that came my way. Honestly, I’ve got a lot on my plate these days and fortunately, I have accomplished them one at a time. One of the things that kept me busy these past few weeks is the House of I.T Eco-Gown Contest (which will probably be posted on a separate blog soon).

For the research and marketing team, I was chosen to take lead on this project and my team and I have been planning on what to do since late October. Our concept is “Snow Queen” which was then changed to a “December Bride“. This year’s theme was Glitz and Glam, A Christmas Night in Vegas. Since it’s an Eco-Gown Contest, we were required to use recycled materials for our gowns.

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SOLO Travelling: Pros and Cons

I have been travelling solo and with friends for quite a while and I can definitely tell the difference between the two. But we are not going to compare the two, we will give the floor to solo travelling because it’s what is in, right? I mean, because I just got out of a broken relationship, I’d probably travel alone.

Solo travelling is like a coin, there are two sides – the good ones and the bad not so good ones. LOL. Solo travelling is fun but it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. In this blog, we will talk in details about the pros and cons of solo travelling. The two sides, why you should and should not travel alone.


Personal Development.


There’s something about solo travelling that makes you a better person. It can be a confidence booster, or broadening your horizons, travelling alone gives you the freedom to develop yourself, escape from your comfort zone and push your limits.

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